DB Foods Select

DB Foods know how to do the simple things right. For everyday essential red meat and poultry products, we have developed a variety of products that offer the best value to suit our customer's needs in the DB Select brand.

We have all the essential ingredients in place, a pedigree in wholesale, first-rate production facilities, expertise in butchery and livestock. We have removed the middleman and can supply consistently high-quality produce at a commercially viable price.

We know the best value and quality is found through broad industry knowledge and understanding. DB Foods is not restricted by vertically integrated supply chains and inter-company trading or using “middle men”. Competitive advantage is achieved through our unique business model providing flexibility combined with continuity of supply, whilst maintaining strong technical disciplines and controls with our partnership suppliers and farmers.

DB foods have established itself as one of the UK’s leading national red meat, poultry, game and deli processors and wholesalers. With a proven track record in supplying a diverse customer base from independent high street retailers through to supermarkets, if you are interested in working with us then don't hesitate to contact us.