Wholesale Game

DB Foods offer an extensive range of the finest quality products from ‘Hill to Plate’. The bulk of game products is sourced within the UK. The Venison selection originates from the New Forest and England's other ancient forests and the Scottish Highlands, while game birds come from local shoots. The British game is the ultimate in natural ‘ Free Range’.Extending the range further is freshly produced, guinea fowl supremes, hand filleted and available all year round.

The British game season starts on the 12th of August, Grouse is followed by partridge, pheasant and other game birds from Autumn onwards. Pigeon, Rabbit, and Venison are also available from DB Foods and we can supply them all year round in carcass form and in an oven ready or portion control form.

Below is a range of products we can supply, however, our skill and flexibility allow for completely bespoke offering, should that be required. Contact our sales team for more details.

Available Products

Barbary Breasts
Gressingham Duck Breast
Smoked Duck Breast
Whole Duck
Whole Gressingham Duck
Shredded Duck
Male Duck legs
Female Duck Legs
Duck Confit
Duck Liver
Duck Fat
Whole Geese
Goose Breast
Goose Legs
Goose Fat
Venison Osso Bucco Sliced
Venison Boneless Chump
Venison Saddle
Venison Haunch
Venison Steaks
Diced Venison
Diced Game Mix
Venison Fillet
Venison Tenderloin
Venison Sausage
Venison Striploin
Wild Boar Haunch
Wild Boar Saddles
Wild Boar Steaks
Wild Boar Trim
Wild Boar Dice
Rabbit Saddles
Rabbit Haunches
Rabbit Whole
Boneless Rabbit
Goat 6-way cut
Whole Pigeon
Pigeon Breast
Pheasant Breast
Stuffed Pheasant Breast
Widgeon Duck
Stuffed Partridge
Guinea Fowl Supremes
Whole Guinea Fowl
Quail Boneless
Quail Whole

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