Britain is synonymous with ‘roast beef’ and the traditional home and origin of breeds such as Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and the Devon Red.

Procurement is our strength and we have a large range of brands and suppliers which allow us to offer our customers the most competitively priced wholesale beef.  Procuring from accredited producers and processors throughout the UK, Ireland, EU, South Africa, USA, Australia and New Zealand ensures first class quality and assurance guaranteed.

Our British beef is available as bone-in and boneless primals and in a range of food service formats.

Below is a range of products we can supply, however, our skill and flexibility allow for a completely bespoke offering, should that be required.  Contact our sales team for more details.

Available Products

Beef Skirt





Chuck Roll

Chuck Tender


Cod Fat

Cote de boeuf


Diced Beef



Fillet Tails

Flank Steak (Bavette)

Jacobs Ladder



Meat Balls


Mince Beef

Ox Hearts


PAD Muscle

Pressed Fat

Rib 5 Bone

Ribeye (Cube Roll)




Silverside Flats


Spare Rib (5 Bone)


T Bone Ends

Tomahawk Steaks – Single



Veal Bones

Veal Chines

Veal Feet

Veal Hind Shanks

Veal Lips

Veal Liver

Veal Osso Bucco

Veal Rump Tails

Veal Rumps

Veal Tongue

Veal Topside

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Health Benefits

Beef protein is highly nutritious and may promote muscle maintenance and growth. Beef contains varying amounts of fat, including CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which has been linked to health benefits.  The following vitamins and minerals are abundant in beef:

Vitamin B12: Animal-derived foods, such as meat, are the only dietary sources of vitamin B12, an essential nutrient that is important for blood formation and the function of the brain and nervous system.

Zinc: Beef is very rich in zinc, a mineral that is important for body growth and maintenance.

Selenium: Meat is generally a rich source of selenium, an essential trace element that has a variety of functions in the body.

Iron: Found in high amounts in beef, meat iron is mostly in the heme form, which is absorbed very efficiently.

Niacin: One of the B-vitamins, also called vitamin B3. Niacin has various important functions in the body. Low niacin intake has been associated with increased risk of heart disease.

Vitamin B6: A family of B-vitamins, important for blood formation.

Phosphorus: Widely found in foods, phosphorus intake is generally high in the Western diet. It is essential for body growth and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your beef come from?

At DB foods we buy beef from a number of suppliers in the UK and also from Ireland, Europe and South America

Do you sell whole carcass of beef?

No, but we sell a quality range of bone in beef, rump and loins, bone in sirloins and bone in ribs.

What brands of beef do you sell?

We sell a range of brands and our primary quality brand is DB Select Beef, selected for its quality and consistency.  We also stock, Posh Butcher, Bowland and ABP.  We continually search for further quality brands.

How big are the cases?

Normally the case weights for most cuts are around 20kg, but some are lighter.  If you need a specific weight, please ask your sales contact.

How often do you change your prices?

All our beef is priced competitively and we always aim to hold the prices.  We review prices weekly as market prices change daily.