Wholesale Lamb

DB Foods offer the fullest possible range of lamb and mutton. Local farmers supply fresh whole lambs daily to our new cutting plant in Poole. DB Foods are able to offer fresh cuts, meeting specific customer needs. Complementing fresh British lamb are regular containers of fresh and frozen lamb and mutton brought in from New Zealand and Australia. As well as providing great tasting product these bulk bought containers give the group a real edge in the marketplace.

DB Foods also have an exclusive range of fresh Australian Lamb. A superbly tasting uniquely aged product, fresh Australian lamb is available throughout the year. From October to January there is the additional advantage of it being Spring Lamb

Below is a range of products we can supply, however, our skill and flexibility allow for completely bespoke offering, should that be required. Contact our sales team for more details.

Available Products

New Season English Lamb
Short Fore
Fresh Pair Legs
Fresh boxed lamb
Lamb Cannon
Fresh Lamb Carvery Legs
Fresh Neck Fillets
Lamb Best Ends
Lamb Short Loin
Boneless and Bone-in Lamb Chump
Lamb Barrels
Lamb Loin
Lamb Double Loin
French Trimmed Rack Of Lamb
Raised Lamb Shoulders
Lamb Scrag
Lamb Middle
Lamb Shanks
Lamb Kidney
Lamb Liver
Lamb Sweetbreads
Lamb Hearts
Lamb Burgers
Lamb Kofte Burgers
Fresh Mutton Shanks
Fresh Mutton Best Ends
Mutton Single Loin
Mutton H Grade Raised Shoulder
Boneless Mutton Chump
Mutton Carvery Legs
Boneless Netted Legs
Mutton Cannon
Mutton Breast
50/50 Trim
Mutton Boneless Shoulder
Mutton Skirts
Brown's Haggis
Brown’s Vegetarian Haggis

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