The last couple of years have really highlighted the value of the High Street Butcher.  After thousands of people turned to them during the difficulties of the pandemic, this is why we believe people are choosing to still shop local and independent.


With regular deliveries and more direct channels from farm to fork, independent butchers choose the products they stock based on freshness, quality and origin.


Whether you’ve guests for dinner or regularly cater for your family of three, you can get exactly what you want from a local butcher and avoid the waste of unnecessary multipacks.


Not only can butchers order smaller quantities of produce that allow them to try new and exotic meats, but give them some notice, and they can usually respond to personal requests.


Less packaging, no plastic containers and with a variety of eco-friendly bags, butchers can prove green credentials that are often overlooked.


From advice on a family roast, to the best use of seasoning and spices, butchers share their experience to help their customers create the most delicious meals.

So, for these reasons alone, we support them as one of the UK’s leading providers of meat to High Street Butchers.