As we come to the end of our 30th Anniversary year, the main cause for both celebration and growth has been DB Foods’ partnership with butchers.  In recent years we have made it our mission to become more than a meat wholesaler, evolving to become a ‘Butcher’s Shop’ supplier, and this is how…


Might seem an obvious one, but we are constantly reviewing our suppliers to make sure we give our customers the widest variety of quality produce they are proud to have in their shops.

One Stop Shop

We have expanded our range in stocks, sauces, stuffing and seasoning, as well as environmentally friendly bags and packaging for all our customers’ needs.


We invested over £500,000 in our distribution centre in Banbury last year, bought new vehicles to expand our fleet and increased deliveries across the country to ensure a service that can be relied on.


After a record year of profits, we are more focused than ever on supporting and nurturing our High Street butchers as our number one priority.

Support Your Local Butcher

We introduced the national campaign of branded merchandise and promotional materials for our customers to maintain their public profile and support.

Whether you want to set us a new challenge as an existing customer, or learn more about what we can offer you as a new one, call us on 01202 238238.