When we heard that last year the online travel guide ‘Taste Atlas’ (a guide for traditional food that collates authentic recipes) released its top rated British Beef dishes we immediately had to have a look to see whether we agreed, so let’s have a look.

6 – Mince and Tatties

Good result for the famous dish ‘North of the Border’ and also flying the flag for mince.  However, to do beef mince justice, we feel the need to mention corned beef hash and cottage pie.

5 – Steak and Kidney Pudding

Fair play, especially if the meat has been prepared like a slow cooker beef stew so it is all tender and juicy.

4 – Steak and Kidney Pie

Oh, Steak and Kidney again!  Well, yes, we agree that we would place a pie higher than a pudding. In a poll published by the Daily Mirror in 2019 (Britain’s 30 favourite beef dishes revealed – see if yours makes the list – Mirror Online), Steak and Kidney Pie came bottom in its list of 30 dishes, so it clearly has an excellent international publicist!

3 – Pie and Mash

Not straying to far from the last entry, but I suppose we can call up the mince from the beginning? Or a nice beef stew filling?

2 – Beef Wellington

So that’s three-in-a-row for that meat and pastry combination and we are not about to argue with that.

1 – Roast Beef Dinner

YES!  Fully approve!  Round of applause.  You can try and compete with a beef brisket or pot roast, but nothing can beat the British Sunday lunch classic!

HOWEVER, here are two British beef classics we felt should have been in the list:


A good British beef casserole can stand up against any international competitor: Beef Stroganoff from Russia, Beef Bourguignon from France, Goulash from Hungary, Tagine from Morocco etc.


How did none of these British Beef cuts get the votes? Rump, Sirloin, Rib Eye, Tomahawk, Flat Iron, Filet Mignon, even Steak Tartare?

To see Taste of Atlas’ recommendations, visit: www.tasteatlas.com/best-rated-beef-dishes-in-united-kingdom