As one of the country’s leading wholesale meat suppliers, DB Foods is relied upon by butchers, hospitality venues and restaurants across the UK for its wide range of products and sundries. However, the company has never lost sight of the fact that it had built its reputation thanks to carefully chosen partnerships with meat manufacturers, farmers and international networks.

‘One of the fundamental components to our customers trust is the sourcing of the products we offer’, says Stuart Robson, Purchasing and Trading Director.  ‘Whether it be butchers supplies, restaurant meat or catering needs, the customer wants to be assured that a meat supplier knows the provenance, history and quality of the products it is selling’.

Stuart leads the purchasing team responsible for hand-picking produce for DB Foods as well as identifying and investigating businesses with which to trade.  As examples, in the past year alone, partnerships have been strengthened with West End Farm in Wiltshire for RSPCA Assured pork and established a new partnership with Dutch Spices in the Netherlands for allergen free marinades and sauces.

‘The UK cannot support its population’s demand for meat itself, so we have invested a lot of time, attention and energy over the past 30 years in building a strong international network that allows us to source and import quality products’, Stuart explains.

‘A retail outlet can look up wholesale meat suppliers near me, but it is unlikely they can find everything they want to offer locally – those that do often come at a premium.  It is the same with restaurant meat suppliers – those that specialise in local produce promote a niche, individual offering’.

‘Our role is to expand our reach as a meat supplier and source products for customers who need a steady, regular offering in addition to local specialities, and there is no reason that products of different origination cannot sit comfortably side by side – they do in supermarkets and with online meat suppliers’.

This was the inspiration for the DB Select range that was founded by DB Foods in 2021 and proved a hit with its customer base.

‘When an independent shop owner looks up butcher supplies near me and finds DB Foods, we want our brand to represent quality and reliability and for that we need products that we understand from suppliers we know and trust’.