As part of its commitment to customer service, DB Foods is delighted to welcome the latest addition to its fleet – a black and white helicopter that will be taking to the skies for deliveries from next week.

DB Foods is proud to announce it will now be delivering its wide variety of meat and sundry products by air.  The investment comes after two years of month on month increases in road deliveries from its depot in Banbury.

‘After completion of due diligence, we have compiled a list of butchers and hospitality venues that have the space to land our DB Food helicopter and will now be conducting deliveries on a weekly basis to those target areas’, explains Operations Director, Max Prudon.

James Dorley, who has held his pilot license for over ten years, will be DB Foods’ first delivery pilot. ‘My experience to date has been giving helicopter tours of the Dorset coastline, which I will continue to do at weekends, but when this unique opportunity came up to work at DB Foods, I could not pass it up’.

‘Everyone has been so welcoming and the test flights last month went really well.  It really is an efficient use of time for customers who can accommodate or meet the aircraft at a suitable location’.

‘We are keeping a careful eye to see how this mode of delivery compares to road haulage in terms of cost and environmental impact, but we suspect the results will be favourable to expanding our presence in the sky’, says Max. ‘The logistics consultancy we have worked with has suggested a number of ideas to follow up with, including drones, which is pretty exciting’.