Continuing the growing success of its range of sundries, DB Foods is delighted to announce its latest signing from The Netherlands, ‘Dutch Spices’.

As part of its commitment to innovation and variety for its customers, the UK’s leading meat wholesaler to butchers and caterers, DB Foods, has sourced a new range of spices suitable for those following gluten and/or lactose free diets.

As part of the Beize Food Group, ‘Dutch Spices’ was founded in 2011 to address the need for seasonings that could be embraced by the allergen movement and cater for the growing number of dietary requirements in modern cooking.

With influences of Spain, Greece and the Caribbean, Dutch Spices has expanded both the range and reach of its ingredients, marinades and recipe suggestions over the past decade, and DB Foods is proud to now be bringing them to its customers across the UK.

‘We are thrilled to be welcoming Dutch Spices to our chosen family of brands’, says Amanda Wass, who leads the sales of sundries at DB Foods.  ‘As the only seasoning producer to have the ‘Simply OK’ certification that reassures people with dietary requirements that they can enjoy tasty food that’s safe for them to eat, Dutch Spices is a fantastic addition to our store’.

‘As we have become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for many of our customers in all things associated with the preparation, sale and cooking of meat, we feel it is our responsibility to keep up with trends, explore the markets and negotiate with the best suppliers on their behalf’, says DB Foods CEO Gary Smith